Yonezo Uchikoshi Family



Yonezo Uchikoshi was the son of Kametaro and Matsu Uchikoshi. He was born in Jodo Town, Tottori Prefecture on July 10, 1900. Mr. Uchikoshi arrived in San Francisco on June 30, 1918 shortly before his 18th birthday. In September 1918 he registered for the World War I draft and listed his occupation as “farmer” for R.E. Whitley in Van Nuys, California. He listed his nearest relative as “Mrs. Yonekatsu(?) Uchikoshi. It is possible that he was living with a relative. There is no Federal Census record of his residence in 1920.

According to a ship’s log in April 1922 Mr. Uchikoshi returned from Japan with his wife, Masako. Masako Kadonaga was born in May 1901 in Sakae Village, Tottori Prefecture. Their port of arrival was San Pedro. It is likely that they started their farm in Palos Verdes at this time. According to Yukio Motoike’s oral history the Uchikoshi’s farm (Ranch 26) was near Point Vicente. Yonezo and Masako had three children: Fumiko in 1923, Ko in 1925 and Tsutomu in 1928. The two boys were about the same age as the Kadonaga boys who lived nearby and whose parents were also from Tottori Prefecture. Tadashi Kadonaga relates in his biography that they often got into mischief together.

In 1930 there were two boarders who were listed as laborers on the farm: Tomoji Adachi (50 years old) and Tokuichi Fujii (49 years old). Little is known about these men except that Mr. Fujii who was a widower became a gardener, lived in West Los Angeles with his son in 1940 and died in Los Angeles in 1954.

Mr. Uchikoshi died of tuberculosis around 1933 and the family moved back to Japan where they lived with the Uchikoshi grandparents according to Kadonaga’s biography.