Wakamatsu Kajino Family



Wakamatsu Kajino immigrated to the USA in 1903. According to the 1907 Rafu Nenkan year book and directory he shared a San Pedro post office box with Fusaichi Motoike (another early Palos Verdes farmer). According to the 1910 Federal Census Wakamatsu Kajino had a farm in the Alamitos Precinct of Long Beach where Shichinosuke Kadonaga was reported as a hired hand. Wakamatsu had married Shichinosuke’s sister, Ino, in Japan. Ino joined Wakamatsu in September 1910.

The couple had 5 children according to a relative. Research reveals only two California birth records.   Yoshiko was born in 1916 and her younger sister, Shigeko, was born in 1917. Yoshiko and Shigeko reportedly had two older sisters and an older brother. Only the two youngest daughters are named in the 1920 Federal Census. It is possible that the older siblings were sent to the family’s home in Japan prior to 1920. None of the children survive today.

In a 1917 photo donated by descendants of Genbei Yamaguchi taken at the Kichiro Nakatani farm, a small girl is identified as Mitsuye Kajino. Mitsuye Kajino looks about 6 years old and might be one of Yoshiko’s older sisters. The other sister was reportedly named Hideko.