Tokuju Shibuyama Family



Tokuju Shibuyama was born in Takenouchi Town, Tottori Prefecture on February 20, 1888. Tokuju arrived in San Francisco aboard the America Maru on June 1, 1911. Tokuju had apparently married Chiyo Adachi several years prior to leaving Japan. They had a son, Isao, on January 2, 1910. Chiyo arrived in San Francisco in the spring of 1915. Isao may have been left in the care of relatives in Japan until he was old enough to travel alone.

Tokuju registered for the WWI draft in June 1917. He listed his home address as 219 Jackson Street in Los Angeles. He listed his occupation as a “plumber” in Redondo Beach. (Possibly the interviewer misunderstood Tokuju’s pronunciation of “farmer”.)

In the 1930 Federal Census Tokuju and Chiyo were farming near the Miki family. By this time Isao had joined his parents and four siblings. The children were:

            Frances Akiko             1918

            Sam Ro                       1922

            K. Kimiko                   1924

            Thomas Hiroshi           1925

It is not known when Tokuju started farming in Palos Verdes not how long he continued after 1930. By 1940 he had relocated to Redondo Beach. Isao (Dick) had married and moved to Los Angeles. Tokuju and his family were sent to Jerome, Arkansas while Isao, his wife, Michiye, and young daughter, Chiye, went to Rohwer, Arkansas.

Tokuju was issued a Social Security card in Chicago, so it could be assumed that the family moved there from Jerome for a short time. In 1954 Tokuju and Chiyo were made naturalized citizens. They lived in the Jefferson Park area of Los Angeles at the time. They later moved to Gardena. Tokuju died in 1980 and Chiyo followed him 8 months later.

Public records show that Dick Isao lived in Buena Park in the 1990’s and Thomas Hiroshi lived in Detroit, Michigan in 1994-5.

Tokuju and Chiyo were not identified in the 40 Families photo.