Tokichi Akiyoshi Family



Tokichi Akiyoshi was born on January 2, 1887 in Fukuoka Prefecture. He immigrated to Canada and crossed the Canada-U.S. border at St. Albans, Vermont in November 1907. It is not known where he resided between 1907 and 1916. His wife, Masue Koga, arrived in California in February 1914 according to The Orient’s ship’s logs. She was born on September 27, 1895 probably also in Fukuoka. In 1918 Tokichi registered for the draft in Redondo Beach, California and listed a wife and a son as dependents. Their son, Sunao, was born in 1916 in Los Angeles County.

Although Tokichi gave a Redondo Beach Post Office Box as his address in his draft registration, it is probable that he lived in Palos Verdes at the time. Both Wakamatsu Kajino and Nakajiro Miki used Redondo Beach addresses but actually farmed in Palos Verdes. In the 1920 Federal Census, Tokichi and his family were listed between the Kajino and Miki families who had farmed in what is now Palos Verdes Estates for several years before 1920.

Tokichi and Masue had eight children:

            Sunao:             B. February 1916        D. Unknown

            Masayuki:        B. October 1917          D. Unknown

            Satsuki:            B. October 1920          D. May 2011

            Yumiko:           B. January 1923          D. December 2007

            Masaru:           B. February 1925        D. August 1990

            George:           B. October 1926          D. November 2000

            Tatsuo:            B. September 1928     D. Unknown

            Teiko:              B. 1929                       

The Akiyoshi family moved to the Dominguez area before 1930. The 1930 Federal Census reports them farming near the intersection of what is now Wilmington Avenue and Sepulveda Boulevard. By 1940 they had moved again to Torrance. The family was interned at the Gila River, Arizona Camp. Masayuki enlisted in the U.S. Army in March 1941. It is not known whether he participated in combat. After they were released the family returned to live in the Los Angeles area. Tokichi died in 1963 and Masue died in 1988. None of the family have been identified in the 40 Families photograph.