Tanosuke Hatashita Family



Tanosuke Hatashita was born on April 4, 1882 in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. Since he appears to be related to Ryoichi Hatashita, it is probable that he also was born in the Uragami area of Wakayama. The 1920 Federal Census reports that he immigrated to America in 1900. The 1910 Federal Census reports that Mr. Hatashita was living with Ryoichi Hatashita in Whittier.

In May 1914 his wife, Nobu, arrived in San Francisco in route to join Tanosuke who by then had leased his own farm (Ranch 31) in Palos Verdes. His World War I registration verifies that Nobu had joined him before 1918. The 1920 Federal Census also reports that he had adopted a son, K., who was about 18 years old and who had arrived in 1919. Kosuke Hatashita, the younger brother of Sarumatsu who later took over this ranch, was listed as a boarder.

Nothing else is known about this family after 1920. It is possible that they are in the 40 Families Photograph but they have not been identified.