Takejiro Shoji Family



Takejiro Shoji was born in Watari Town, Tottori Prefecture on May 18, 1878. According to the 1930 Federal Census, he arrived in America in 1906. His wife, Masayo, probably came at the same time. They left a son, Takeo, in the care of relatives. When he registered for the draft during World War I, he was a gardener and lived in the Uptown area of Los Angeles, which is now Koreatown.

In 1921 Takeo Shoji came to join his parents. His final destination on the ship’s log was “Los Angeles”. It is presumed that his parents still lived at the same residence. In 1928 Fusako Shoji arrived with Takeo’s cousin, Hikoo Shoji. She had probably been a proxy bride. We do not know her maiden name.

By 1930 Takejiro, Takeo and Fusako farmed in the Lunada Bay area near other families from Tottori Prefecture. Masayo is not mentioned in the 1930 Census. She may have died or returned to Japan.  According to Tadashi Kadonaga, who lived nearby, they had no children and liked to invite him to stay at their home. He observed that they had over 20 samurai swords displayed on a wall in their house.

Around 1938 the family returned to live in Japan according to Tsutomu Takenaga. The Takenaga family took over the Shoji ranch.