Sarumatsu Hatashita Family



Sarumatsu Hatashita was born in Shimosato Town, Wakayama Prefecture on November 10, 1872. Mr. Hatashita arrived in America in 1900 according to the 1920 Federal Census. There is no 1910 Federal Census record for Sarumatsu. In September 1918 he registered for the World War I draft and listed his occupation as “farmer”. He gave White Point as his home address. He listed his nearest relative as “Kosuke Hatashita, father” *. In the 1920 Federal Census Sarumatsu was reported living with his wife and two children near the Ichimachi and Miura families (Ranch #’s 1 and 2) which are in Palos Verdes at the edge of White Point. (The White Point farmers were listed in a different precinct.)

Sarumatsu’s wife, Ei Hama, arrived in San Francisco in June 1915. She indicated that San Pedro was her destination. In September 1917 their first son, Minoru, was born according to the California birth records. The 1920 Census reported another child, “Y”, a son who was one month old at the time of the Census. However, California birth records show that a daughter, Michiko, was born in January, 1920. It is possible that a language difficulty caused this misinformation. There were other inconsistencies in the Census records that could be explained by a language problem. Sometime between 1920 and 1925, Sarumatsu moved his family to Ranch 31 where Tanosuke Hatashita had previously `farmed.

In 1922 another daughter, Miyoko, was born to the couple. The youngest child, a son, Sakae**, was born in 1924. In 1925 Sarumatsu became seriously ill and he insisted that he be treated in Japan. The family returned to Wakayama. In the mid 1950’s the two daughters, Michiko and Miyoko, decided to return with their families to California. Their children are the sources for much of this information about Sarumatsu’s family.

It is possible that Sarumatsu and his family are in the 40 Families photo but they have not been identified.