Sannosuke Nakata Family



Sannosuke Nakata was born around 1875 in Japan. It is likely that he was born in Tahara Town, Wakayama Prefecture where his wife, Saku, lived before she joined Sannosuke in California.  According to the 1920 Federal Census Sannosuke Nakata immigrated to America in 1899 (In the 1930 Census he reported that he immigrated in 1900.). In 1920 he lived on Terminal Island near the White Star Cannery. His World War I draft registration could not be located and therefore his exact birth date is unknown. Sannosuke and Saku Nakata were married before Sannosuke left Japan. Their first son, Otokichi, was born in Japan in 1900.

Both Saku and Otokichi traveled to America in 1919 but they came separately. By 1930 Sannosuke and Saku with the help of Otokichi were farming land in Portuguese Bend. In 1929 Otokichi married Namiye but left her in Japan. They later divorced. The 1939-1940 Rafu Shimpo Directory reports Sannosuke living in Palos Verdes but by the next year he had departed. Since there are no further records of Sannosuke, Saku and their second son, Hideo, who was born in 1923, it is probable that they returned to Japan.

Otokichi Nakata remained in California. It is not known if he moved to Strathmore with the other Palos Verdes families. However, he was interned in one of the 3 Poston camps. He lived with relatives who previously lived in the San Diego area.  Yonesuke and Yozo Nakata were brothers from the same town as Sannosuke and might have been Sannosuke’s cousins. Yonesuke and his wife returned to San Diego. Yozo’s family and probably Otokichi returned to Japan sometime after World War II.