Otosaburo Muraguchi Family



Otosaburo Muraguchi was born in Tahara Town, Wakayama Prefecture on November 11, 1878. He immigrated to California in January 1912 landing at San Francisco. His wife, Kane, who was born in 1889, immigrated in December 1912 and landed at Seattle, Washington. On the same ship’s passenger list was Tatsuno Ashimoto who was on her way to rejoin her husband, Yasu, in Los Angeles. Yasu and Tatsuno would join the San Pedro Vegetable Growers’ Association around 1928.

Otosaburo and Kane might have started farming in Portuguese Bend about the same time as Natsunosuke Asahi who started farming in Portuguese Bend between 1915 and 1918. Otosaburo was a friend of Mr. Asahi who farmed on Ranch Number 5. Both were born in Tahara Town. In 1918 on his World War One draft registration Mr. Muraguchi gave a San Pedro Post Office address as his mailing address and in the 1920 Federal Census he was reported farming in the Portuguese Bend area with his wife and daughter, Tatsu who was one year old.

In 1931 Mr. Muraguchi returned from a trip to his hometown with Yoshiichi Muraguchi, possibly his brother. His destination was San Pedro. However, in 1936 his name was not included in a list of the members of the San Pedro Vegetable Growers’ Association.

A search of the War Relocation camp records did not show Otosaburo and his family as being interned.

It is assumed that Otosaburo might have died before 1963. In that year, Kane Muraguchi married their former neighbor, Otomatsu Maye. Kane died in 1974 in Los Angeles.