Kuniji Sato Family

Kuniji Sato was born on February 11, 1883 in Kanagase Town in Miyagi Prefecture, which is about 300 kilometers north of Tokyo. According to the records of arrivals in Honolulu he arrived there in April 1902. The 1910 Federal Census finds Kuniji working on a berry farm in San Juan Town in San Benito County. His wife, Misao Takahashi Sato, arrived in Honolulu in 1915 already married.  Misao had been born October 18, 1898 in Murata Village, Miyagi Prefecture.

Their first born son was Kunio (1917) in Los Angeles County. Their daughter, Fumiko (1919), was also born in Los Angeles County. In 1918 Kuniji registered for the draft and reported his residence as Porter Avenue, San Fernando. It is probable that both children were born there.

The 1920 Federal Census reported that the Sato family had moved to Calexico, California. Kuniji was helping on a cantaloupe farm. In 1921 Seattle arrival records of the Fushimi Maru show that Kuniji and Misao had returned from visiting family in his hometown bound for Los Angeles. The 1930 Federal Census and the World War II relocation records do not include Kunio and Fumiko Sato. The parents might have taken the two older children to live with relatives in Japan.

By 1930 the Sato family had started to farm on Ranch 30 in Lunada Bay near the Takenaga, Hatashita, Ino and Miki farms. Kuniji and Misao had added Kiyoko (daughter-August 1921), Asako (daughter-1922), Hideo (son-1923) and Teruo (son- 1926) to their family.  Asako was a 1937 graduate of Malaga Cove School. Hideo graduated in 1938. Teruo is listed as one of the 1941 graduates of Malaga Cove School.

The Sato family went to Strathmore in Central California with other Palos Verdes farmers. From Strathmore they went to Poston Camp in Arizona. After World War II the family seems to have resettled in the Los Angeles area since Misao became a naturalized citizen in 1956 and gave her home address on Temple Street west of downtown Los Angeles. No available records report the deaths of Kuniji and Misao. Hideo died in 1981 in Monterey Park, California.