Kanjiro Takayama Family



Kanjiro Takayama registered for the World War I draft in September 1918 and reported his residence in Portuguese Bend. He was not reported in the 1920 Federal Census so it is assumed that he gave up farming soon after the draft registration. He had apparently left his wife, Yasu, in Japan at his hometown in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. There is no record of his year of arrival in America.

One of his employees was Keichiro Fujita who reported in his World War I draft registration that he worked for Mr. Takayama and lived on the farm in Portuguese Bend. Mr. Fujita later moved to Los Angeles where he lived with his son’s family as reported in the 1930 Federal Census. There are no records of the family in the World War II relocation camps although Mitsuyoshi’s son and daughter were born in America.

A second farm worker, Kasaburo Torii, also from Aichi Prefecture, worked on the farm. He reported his wife, Emi, lived on the farm. He and his wife had arrived in July 1918.

There are no other records to indicate where Mr. Takayama lived after 1918. It is possible that he returned to his wife in Japan. There are no World War II relocation camp records for the couple.