Iwakichi Ikebuchi Family



Iwakichi Ikebuchi was born in Tottori Prefecture on September 15, 1874. He probably lived in Amariko Town as indicated by travel records for his son. Mr. Ikebuchi arrived in America in 1905 according to the 1920 Federal Census.  In 1930 he reported his immigration as 1900. His wife, Kei, arrived in San Francisco in 1913. It is not known where they lived from 1913 until 1920.

Shortly after Kei’s arrival a daughter was born. During 1916 they had a son, Tomio. Also an older son (20 years old) who had been living in Japan arrived to live with them. Other than the references in the 1920 Census there is no information about the daughter and older son. The Ikebuchi farm in Palos Verdes was approximately where Hawthorne Boulevard meets Palos Verdes Drive (formerly known as “Palos Verdes Highway”). According to the 1930 Census, Iwakichi was still living in Palos Verdes but his family had moved.

In 1931 Tomio returned from a trip to Japan. The ship’s log showed that Iwakichi had moved to the Jackson Street hotel that had served as a temporary home to many people from Tottori Prefecture. Also, the ship’s information indicates that Tomio’s mother had moved back to Amariko Town in Japan.

During World War II, Tomio was interned at Manzanar, California while his father was interned at Rowher, Arkansas. According to the 1940 Rafu Shimpo directory and the War Relocation Authority records Tomio lived on First Street in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles and Iwakichi had moved to Stockton, California where he probably worked on a farm. Both men were listed as “single” while they were interned.

Iwakichi died in 1953 in Los Angeles. Tomio retired to Huntington Beach and married for the first time at the age of 66. He passed away in 1999.