Hikojiro Inumaru Family



Hikojiro Inumaru was born in Usui Town in Fukuoka Prefecture on June 15, 1883. According to the 1920 Federal Census Hikojiro entered America in 1900. There is no information on his activities until 1918 when he registered for the World War I draft. In that document he reported that he lived in Portuguese Bend and that he was a self-employed farmer. His nearest relative was his father, Hekichi Inumaru, who lived in his hometown, Usui. The Inumaru farm was Ranch No. 23 which was located uphill from the present day terminus of Hawthorne Boulevard at Palos Verdes Drive.

In 1919 he returned from Japan with a new bride, Namie. Namie Tsuru Inumaru was born in 1898 in Keisen Town, Fukuoka Prefecture. They were accompanied by another Palos Verdes farmer, Otomatsu Maye.  According to the California Birth Index Namie gave birth to a son, Masao, on July 7, 1922 in Los Angeles County. A year later on July 9, 1923 a girl, Yoshiko, was born to the couple. Although no one has verified her identity, it can be assumed that the young child in the 40 Families photo held by Hikojiro Inumaru is Yoshiko. Masao has not been identified in the photo.

 In the 1930 Census Hikojiro and Namie were listed at their Palos Verdes farm but no children were reported. Later that year Hikojiro and Namie traveled to Japan. They returned to San Pedro in December without the children. The fate of the children remains a mystery. By 1940 Hikojiro and Namie no longer lived in Palos Verdes. Relocation records for the family could not be found. It is probable that they moved out of the Los Angeles area or returned to Fukuoka.

Hikojiro Inumaru         #93

Namie Inumaru           #79

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