Harutaro Oyama Family

Harutaro Oyama was born in Kyushu, Japan in 1874. According to his war relocation record he first arrived in the U.S. in 1895. He may have returned to Japan in order to find a wife since there is a record of his arrival in 1915 with his wife, Masu (Nagafuchi), at the port of San Francisco. Masu was also born in Kyushu but was much younger than Harutaro; she was born in 1890.

In 1920 the Census found Harutaro, Masu and their first daughter, Chiyoko, in the area above Abalone Cove near the Yasui ranch. Although the family might have been in the 40 Families photo, they have not been identified.

By 1930 the family had grown with the addition of another daughter, Chikako, and a son, Masatoshi. They had moved to an area north of Bell near the intersection of Slauson Avenue and Atlantic Boulevard. Harutaro was still farming.

When the war broke out the family was moved to Santa Anita and then to Rowher, Arkansas. After the war they lived in Chicago where Social Security records show that Masu died in 1982. Masatoshi died in 1988.