Fusaichi Motoike Family



Fusaichi Motoike was born to Shinsaburo Motoike and Oto Teshima on March 16, 1881 in Agarimichi Town, Tottori Prefecture, Japan.  He attended Agarimichi Grammar School for 8 years, which was the mandatory education at the time. Fusaichi married Kae Kadonaga (born June 1881) while both were teenagers. Their first son, Genichi, was born in 1899 in Agarimichi. Fusaichi left his wife and son for North America in 1903. He entered the United States in Seattle in November 1903. He probably landed first in Vancouver, British Columbia as did most of the Tottori Prefecture immigrants.

Before the end of the month Fusaichi had travelled to Riverside where he found a job as a farm laborer earning $0.15/hour. The following year he worked in Cucamonga as a farm laborer. In 1905 through 1909 he worked as a farm laborer for $55/year. In the 1910 Federal Census Fusaichi was reported as a helper in a fish market in Little Tokyo. He was living in an apartment hotel on Jackson Street owned by Kinzo Yasuhara also from Tottori Prefecture. One of other boarders was Haruye Onishi who later also farmed in Palos Verdes. Kae came to join Fusaichi in 1911 and they started a farm in Wilmington where his estimated income was $150/year. In June 1915 their son, Genichi, joined them. In December 1915 Kae gave birth to their second son, Shiro. In 1922 Fusaichi worked for Mr. Matsumoto in Redondo Beach for $1.25/day which implies that the previous years in Wilmington were less than profitable for the Motoike family.

In 1924 Fusaichi and his family moved to a location near the present-day Rancho Palos Vedes City Hall. They farmed the slopes above Point Vicente until a neighboring farmer, Yonezo Uchikoshi, passed away from tuberculosis. They expanded their farm to the lower terrace surrounding the lighthouse. According to Genichi’s son, Yukio, they used the old house for storage fearing that they could contract tuberculosis by living in the structure.